Check_MK Supported Distributions (Red Hat)


I see the information for the current supported distributions on the CMK Manual, see that CMK app is compatible with * Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS from Version 7.x, but this information is from 25-Feb-2021.

My Question is, can i install Check_MK Application (No Agent) on Red Hat 8, and what version admit because at the moment exist the Red Hat 8.5.

Could some one can help me with this question?

Thank you for your time!
Nice Year!

Yes, you can install Checkmk Server on RHEL 8. Simply go to Checkmk kostenlos downloaden and choose the Checkmk Edition (Raw or Free), the operating system (CentOS/Red Hat) and version.

Note that you need an additional repository (EPEL/PowerTools or CodeReady-Builder, according to the OS). See Installation on Red Hat and CentOS