Check MK Tags on Notifications

CMK version: 2,0
OS version: Centos 7


I have a question regarding this option on the notifications:


I use this option but on the notifications i can not see the tags of the current systems, i just see the empty section, but no the tags:

Can some one help me or explain me if i need to do something else for this configuration??

Thank you

This is meant to insert the host-tags into the message to be sent. Eg. into an email (depends what kind of notification you chose in this rule)

Hi @Nora

Thank you for your response, just one question i have some tag already created and all my devices are using this tags, i also apply this section for all my rules on my notifications, but on the email in the host tags section i can not see the information.

Is there need another configuration apart of the creation and application of the tags on the hosts?

Thank you.

This notification, is it matching all notification types (crit, ok, recovery, etc)? If I remember correctly from tinkering with my old OMD 1.2.x instance the nagios3 core only exposed certain environment variables for certain event types. I’m using the CMC core now so I’m not sure if that is still true, but if you’re not already using that mail notification for all event types, try enabling all and see if it comes through. Though I’m thinking the issue I was running into was having the tags in for acknowledgement messages, but I don’t recall exactly.

Hi @rmoorecpcc

Yes i have this option for all my alerts, this just not working, does anyone have this option working fine?

Yea it is working for me on CEE v2.0.0.

I’m using the default mail plugin. Years ago on my old OMD 1.2.x instance I did have a highly customized version of the html_email script. If using a customized plugin you’ll need to make sure the plugin is utilizing the proper variables and such.

i see, that tags are by default or you create that tags, for example i use this information:

and all of my host are using this tags:


but this is the information that you see on that section when you enable the host tags parameters on your notifications?

Thank you Sir

What do you have for the ‘Tag ID’ field for each of those tags? The tags I have with the ‘Tag ID’ field being empty don’t show up in my $HOST_TAGS$, even if the Title for that tag is filled in. So if the Tag ID is empty, they won’t get pushed to the host_tags environment variable as best I can tell, and the notification plugins are dependent on the content of those environment variables for filling in data.