Check Plugins usage


Can someone tell me, how do i use “check plugins”


I think that the listed plugins are allready preinstalled and only need to get activated but i don’t find a way to do that.

“Check Plugins” is only a dictionary of all installed checks inside your CMK version.
There is no need to activate something. You should read the description and you should see there if a special plugin is needed for your agent to get special checks or if the check is already in the default agent included. Or if the check is an SNMP based check.

The description of the “mkbackup” plugin does only say, that it is used for backups.

I could need the described function but don’t find any rule to enable this and so i thought, this has to be enabled on a special way

If you activate the device backup on your appliance, you will get automatically a backup status check from the agent on the appliance. It does exactly whats written there in the small description.

So, am i right that this will not be shown as a service?

Maybe i am just thinking about the false backup function.

Do i have to use this?


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