Check_snmp / performance data / humidity value divided by 10

I use a check “check_snmp” (Checkmk Enterprise 1.6p19) with a network device to read out the humidity. Unfortunately, the device only returns the value in the form 577, which would actually be 57.7. This, of course, causes the graph of the performance data to be displayed incorrectly. Can I solve this problem in checkmk?

OID description: IRH internal relative humidity [%*10]


This is a bit awful, but assuming your check_snmp output is something like this:

SNMP OK - 577 | your_oid=577

You could get the desired result like this:

echo "SNMP OK - 577 | your_oid=577" | cut -d" " -f4 | xargs -I {} echo "scale=1; {} / 10" | bc -l

Obviously you’d replace the echo part with your actual check_snmp line. And you’d probably want to put this into a wrapper script too.