CheckMK 2 - send updated file among clients

Hi everyone,

I need to make minor changes to mssql.vbs file for the standard check (blocked_sessions section) - add an extra line into a query. Is it possible to apply those changes (copy the file using CLI or WebUI) of mssql.vbs file on remote client windows machines without building a new client MSI bundle?

if you only want to transfer single files, you need to have access to windows and a protocol to transfer, like ssh server at target site, or writing a pull script.


Thank you for a super fast answer, @ChristianM.

So, if I understand correctly, in CheckMK itself there is no option to “just upload file to the clients”. I will need to use any protocol (ssh/(s)ftp/samba/etc) to copy a file to the destination machine by myself (using script or commands to be executed manually) directly from server OR create a pull-script, that can download that file FROM a server. Am I right?

You say, you do not want to bake it into the agent, which would be the easiest and most secure solution to your problem.

Doing the transfer with a home-grown pull or push mechanism has some security concerns, so I would not recommend that. Use the agent bakery for this.