CheckMK agent not working with storcli: "Deprecated command. Please use the new syntax"

CMK version: 1.6.0
OS version: CentOS 7.0

Problem Description:
When using storcli (version 007.1705.0000.0000) instead of MegaCli, the tool complains about deprecated commands and consequently the agent doesn’t provide any information. See the example of one of the commands executed by the check_mk agent, once run with MegaCli and once run with storcli:

$ ./MegaCli/MegaCli64 -EncInfo -aALL -NoLog
    Number of enclosures on adapter 0 -- 1

    Enclosure 0:
    Device ID                     : 252
    Number of Slots               : 8
    Number of Power Supplies      : 0
    Number of Fans                : 0
    Number of Temperature Sensors : 0
    Number of Alarms              : 0
    Number of SIM Modules         : 1
    Number of Physical Drives     : 8
    Status                        : Normal
    Position                      : 1
    Connector Name                : Unavailable
    Enclosure type                : SGPIO
    FRU Part Number               : N/A
    Enclosure Serial Number       : N/A 
    ESM Serial Number             : N/A 
    Enclosure Zoning Mode         : N/A 
    Partner Device Id             : Unavailable

    Inquiry data                  :
        Vendor Identification     : LSI     
        Product Identification    : SGPIO           
        Product Revision Level    : N/A 
        Vendor Specific           :                     

Exit Code: 0x00
$ ./storcli/storcli64 -EncInfo -aALL -NoLog
CLI Version = 007.1705.0000.0000 Mar 31, 2021
Operating system = Linux 3.10.0-1160.49.1.el7.x86_64
Status = Failure
Description = Deprecated command. Please use the new syntax.


As far as I understand, storcli is the successor of MegaCli and it itself also a few years old :slight_smile:.

Is there a way to make storcli work with the CheckMK agent and/or what are the plans from the side of check_mk regarding storcli?

Thanks, Frank