Checkmk Contributor License Agreement

Dear Community!

Checkmk is growing. And it is growing as an open source project, thanks to the contributions of many of you. As a mature open source project, it is time for Checkmk to have a more transparent and professional way of managing contributor agreements.

We are glad to introduce a Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Now, after creating a pull request, our CLA bot will ask you to reply in a certain way in the comments of the pull request โ€“ this will confirm your acceptance to contribute your code for the purposes included in the license agreement and will be stored by the bot. Nothing else about the contribution process will change.

At Checkmk, we believe that it is very important to be open about how your contribution will be used and distributed. The new process will also be legally secure - your contribution will be clearly linked to your authorship, and we will only be able to accept your code contribution with your explicit permission.

More information about the process is available in the repository: checkmk/ at master ยท tribe29/checkmk ยท GitHub

Please, let us know if you have any questions about the new process,



Do you have a PDF for the corporate CLA signing process?

I have added a PDF for the corporate process as well: