CheckMK Graphs Errors?

CMK version: 2.0+
OS version: Centos 7


I would like to know why my graphs loose information:

You can see an example of this in the screenshot.

And this happen with all of the services on the affected host.


It could be possible that the rrdcached has problems to write all data to the rrd files.
Before you look at the rrdcached and npcd logs, the services are checked correctly at the times there is no graph data or?

Hi @andreas-doehler,

Yes, the server is working fine during this situations, i can see the graphs also running and refreshing but no de information, and this apparently occurs at the same time on the other services like Filesystems

I can see some latency issues on the packet loos for this devices, but when this devices experienced latency is not at 100%, so de check_mk services is working.

Maybe this is a factor, but i dont know how to identify this.

Hi @andreas-doehler,

Regarding this conversation, do you know what can i doo to see if there is an error or how to proceed ?

Thank you.

It looks more like the host/device is not producing any data. If i look exactly at the first graph, i see there many flat areas. That means now new data. After you receive no data for more than 2 hours you get a gap. If it is below two hours you get a flat line.
To look if my assumption is thru, you can zoom in at the 8 days graph and look for flat lines over al longer period of time. Bandwidth graphs normally have no flat areas at a specific speed.