Cisco ASA VPN monitoring

Hi to all,

in the CMK Exchange are at the moment two check packags to mointor Cisco ASA VPN sessions.

Cisco ASA VPN monitoring

Monitor Cisco ASA VPN sessions

Is there are any chance to merge them?

The later one gives more system information (active, peack, system max), and the output is at least in my opinion more streamlined.


Hi @thl-cmk!

The Cisco ASA VPN Monitoring package is part of the upcoming feature pack for Checkmk. It was uploaded on the Exchange for community testing. The discussion about the Feature Pack is here: Your feedback is needed: Checkmk Feature Pack 2. It might be helpful to add your point on the discussion. :grinning:


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Hi Fay,

if you think the other discussion is the better place for this topic, then just move this thread and let me know where to find it :wink:


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