Cisco_ip_sla check

Hi. We’ve just upgraded from CRE 1.4.0 to 1.6.0. I was expecting to use the new cisco_ip_sla check for monitoring RTT times from our edge routers (Cisco Catalyst 9500s). We had previously used a check from the Exchange, but I saw it was now built in. However, to my surprise the discovery didn’t find the IP SLA service on those routers. When I had a look at the code, I found that the snmp_scan_fuction is looking up the SysObjectID OID, and only accepting two specific Cisco product IDs: . and . But there are over 3000 Cisco product IDs, and lots of them support IP SLA operations, not just those two. This check really needs to be less specific. How about checking that RTTMonAppVersion (. has a value?



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