Cisco MDS 9148S

CMK version: 2.0.0p29


we have Cisco MDS 9148S SAN switches. The integration into the monitoring at Check_mk works well. I have only the problem that I can not find out the names of the FC ports in the monitoring. It would be enough for me to see the original name like FC 1/2 in the monitoring. I have adjusted the network detection rule with “56 firbre channel” and let it detect again. But unfortunately no success. In the monitoring only the designation example DOM 300005293 appears as service description. How do I adjust the detection rule to find the port on the switch?

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You can change the display of interface in the rule “Network interface and switch port discobery”. Ther you can define to use description or alias.

Best, Christian


I have the same problem and also tried using the rule “Network interface and switch port discovery”. No matter which setting was used (index, alias, descripton), the view did not change.
I have now learned from Tribe support that the rule does not work at all with the DOMs. It is also not listed in the parameters of the DOM service, only the rule “CISCO Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM)”.
There are also no port names in the SNMP walk, only the DOM number.

I don’t know now how to fix this either, or have you found a solution in the meantime?