Clustered services after upgrade from CMK Raw 1.6 to 2.0

CMK version: 2.0.0p32 (upgraded from 1.6.0p30)
Before upgrade Clustered services on Cluster Host was showing all services status on all hosts,
but after upgrade to 2.0.0p32 it is showing only one service from first host added to cluster.
Is it a bug or feature?
How can I configure (maybe there is some hided checkbox) to show all services from all hosts

Clustered services were redesigned in 2.0 and 2.1
Moritz explains it here in Checkmk conference #8: Checkmk 2.1 feature and improvements roundup - YouTube

If you are relying on clustered plug-ins a lot, I really recommend going to 2.1, then you will have a proper reliable implementation of clustered services. To understand why and bla, really watch the video. The 5min will be worth your time


But, this is not a plugin, this is simple custom check. Before upgrade it was showing on Host Cluster service status and output from both nodes. Now it is showing only first node that was selected on Host Cluster properties. Nice to know that in 2.1 I can use failover or worst, but I’ve used clustered services to check, which node is currently master node. Now I can see only one node status, and I don’t know if second one is working correctly.

I assume the custom check is also using the same underlying mechanisms.