CMK - Slowdown after upgrading p7 --> p18


I’ve just upgraded CMK from p7 to p18 release of 2.0 (2.0.0p18)

Everything seems to be ok, but whole system slowed down. Very, Very much.
Browsing GUI is painful, even login screen is displayed very slowly.

Nothing unusual in logs I see (Yoda said :stuck_out_tongue: )

Any idea what can be wrong ?

which Edition you use? Could be helpful. Whats about OMD performance data?
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Please have a look, maybe this could be interesting for you:

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Well. I don’t know why it slows down so much, but yes, - turning TLS for lifestatus rocketed CMK back to life.

Still In my config, I need this SSL. Well I will try to figure it out differently

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same issue for us. Glad I am not the only one.
We use raw / distributed setup. ~1k hosts with ~30k services on ~16 sites all on debian 10.
Only difference is our master is on 2.0p15, cant upgrade to anything beyond that. Becomes completely unusable. I can upgrade the remote sites however.
I really dont want to turn off livestatus encryption.

Did you try to adjust the poll timeout as mentioned in the linked thread? That worked for me.

Hi, thanks for your support.
Cant find the line in my file.
Do I need to upgrade to something >p15 first?

not sure, sorry. I found it in p17 or p18.

I’ve adjusted those settings and also it now runs fast with TLS enabled. Thanks !


yeah after upgrade beyond p15 line is there.
Applied the “fix” and seems to resolve it.
Definately much better an usable again, but still slightly slower than before.

Will this config file be reset with the next version update?

Thanks aswell

Have a look at the directory structure. The real file is /opt/omd/versions/$version/lib/python3/
with /opt/omd/sites/$site/version being a symlink to …/…/versions/$version

So the file itself will not be touched by an upgrade (only by a reinstall of the same version). But the active symlink will then point to the unmodified file from the newly installed upgrade version. If the upgrade doesn’t already include the fix, then the change will have to be applied again.

This is the reason why one normally shouldn’t modify any code outside the site’s local hierarchy.