Combine services from diffrent hosts to a new host

Starting point are two hosts which collect a white area of services for different applications.
There is the sysadmin which is responsible for the machine collecting those data. But this sysadmin should not be bothered with those collected services of the different applications.

Is there a elegant way to tag those services to remove them form the collecting hosts and combine them on a new virtual one? Piggyback seems only to work out of the box when the service is tagged with <<<< virt. host >>>>. Since I have no power to add those strings to the service-output piggy-back seems not to be an option.

I took both hosts, which are completely different, and added them to a new cluster-host. This works but forced me to set both hosts with same agent access, which will not always be possible.

Is there a better way doing this? Is this something that is only possible starting with version 2.0?

Hi morbloe,

you could just assign different contact groups to the hosts and either to all or some services of these hosts.
So contact group admins sees the host and the basic stuff and the application contact group sees all application services.


my experience with contact groups is very bad. Since I sometimes need to do STUFF on the service like ACK an linux-log I need access-management / rules.

Hey @morbloe

I don’t know, maybe… with a “fake” cluster object? Would that make sense?
Oh… too fast… you already did that. Sorry.

What do you mean with “the same agent access”?


A cluster in 1.6.0p16 is only allowed if all nodes of the cluster use the same datasource-combination.
If you access one node via SSH and the other over SNMP you will fail to combine them in a cluster.

Hi @morbloe

Ah, I see… And what about a “Service Group” (not Contact Group)? This allows you to group
pretty much anything under one “entity”, which - granted - isn’t a host, but should do the trick. Would this work for you?


EDIT: Rephrased statement above

A service-group would leave the view services on host untouched and would not give me any user-management.

Oh wow, I didn’t know the monitoring of clusters would be an issue in version 2.0 as well - seems to be documented in

So, really interesting how to map that with the new version - a quick guide or linking the docu of the new cluster functionality might be very helpful here… Don’t think checkmk sugguests to solve that kind of mapping via service-groups?!

Up to now, there’s been no update or further info in the documentation for clustered services

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seems like, that 2.0 didn’t change anything regarding this topic :frowning:

Could you post the output / error code of your ruleset as an example?
Which types of agent access do you want to combine within a cluster?

there is no error, as I pointed out, I managed to deploy the cluster. But with the restrictions that comes with it. Topic on this thread was to elaborate possible alternatives.

I have to thank all participants!