Configure notification rules via api

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is there a known reason why it is not possible to configure the notifications via api calls.
It was not possible in the 1.6 versions and still not at 2, is there a particular reason or is just not done because nobody needed it so far.

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Hi @FirstWithThisName,

from the documentation:

Despite all the enthusiasm for REST, we do not hide the fact that the REST-API does not yet have all the features of the Web-API (rule sets, for example). Since this is the current situation, you will find a comparison of the functionalities of REST-API and Web-API in the last chapter of this article.

I am sure they will extend the API from release to release. Some functions are not that trivial to implement and one of them should be notification rules. The notification rules have tones of possible configuration values which could be the reason.

Hi FirstWithThisName,
We continue to extend the REST API with each release. Our first priority is to fill the gap to the Web-API. After this is achieved, we address other features missing in the REST API


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