Configured services and monitored services mismatch

CMK version: 2.1.0p15
OS version: docker image

Maybe this is a very basic lack of understanding, but I have the following situation:

  • CheckMK running in docker container, windows agent running on host system
  • Host is added and under service configuration I can see 26 services, all looking correct, including one custom process discovery I registered
  • Under monitoring status for the host, however, I see only 3 services: Check_MK, CRIT, “(null)”; Check_MK Discovery, OK, “<no unmonitored services found […]”; PING, UNKN, “check_icmp: No hosts to check”

How can I make the 23 services that seem to check correctly show up in the host view/ dashboard etc?

And why is my host seen as down even though the ping check succeeds in connection test?


Have you activated your changes?

This can be done via the yellow icon in the upper right corner. It is shown whenever there are changes to activate.

Thank you! Somehow this has escaped my attention.

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