Constantly getting WARN - [snmp] Success, Missing agent sections: hr_cpuWARN, Alerte

Hi Guys,

We have 100+ Ribbon 1k/2k SBCs that are monitored using SNMP on checkMK. We are seeing lots of alerts similar to the following:

WARN - [snmp] Success, Missing agent sections: hr_cpuWARN ,

This is across multiple SBC’s and Im just looking for a bit of direction on how we can stop or quieten these down. They seem pretty pointless as we are not doing anything so it is more of an annoyance.

I did see a similar topic:

WARN - [snmp] Success, Missing agent sections: cisco_nexus_cpu - Troubleshooting - Checkmk Community

Not sure if this is related. It talks about depricated rules but not really sure where to start to rectify this.

Any pointers would be greatly received.



Hi Steve,
have a look at WATO ➳ Host & Service Parameters ➳ Monitoring Configuration ➳ Disabled checks


Another way would be “Service state translation”
So a warn ist always ok