Costum Check Migration Help

Hello community,

I just updated to V2.0.0p30 CRE, because we had a few checks that did not work in prior versions but work after v2. But now a SNMP check I wrote does not work anymore, I think because it simply is not migrated to the new check format for v2.

Now I had enough trouble writing this simple check (not a programmer at all…), and I really do not know how to get this check to work with the new version.

The check that is now working is more important then the check that is not working, so we do not want to go back.

My question - is there some (paid?) service to create/modify/repair plugins for CRE users, maybe from tribe29? The checks are still so important that we would like to have them again…



You could ask any partner that offers support. Some of them also do plugin development.