Create and discovery plugin and another plugin for check all service discovered


It’s possible on checkmk to run script in agent for discover service and after that for each service discovered run another script for check it ?
I need to use an script for discover all webservice in server and for each webservice create an checkmk service and executer a second script for check if webservice is run or not.

You could create a script that itself creates the config file /etc/check_mk/mrpe.cfg from which check_http is called by the agent.

Or you could wrap it all in a local check script that outputs a line for each web service it finds.

yeah the config is possible but i think the best method is to output a line for each web service but i want to have 2 script, one for discover all service and a second to check it. I don’t want to have a script for discovering all web service & result in same time.