Creating of additional sections in WATO configuration possible?

We plan to create some additional plugins and active checks and would like to have them grouped by one or more additional sections, e.g in “Other services” (Setup > Services > Other Services), or even better directly at “Setup > Services”.

Is that somehow possible? How?

Thanks a lot and a happy new year to you!

Hi @MasopustC,

i guess you mean the rulesets. Take a look at the programming guidelines and the documentation, there are examples how you can add them to existing sections or creating new ones:
Writing your own check plug-ins ( - A rule set for the setup

Hi @tosch, that I’m already aware of :slight_smile:

Maybe I was not very clear in my question… what I’m currently doing is creating some active checks
and I’ve added them to “Other services”:

But what I would like to have is my own developed services in their “own section” (e.g. named “MyCompany”)

So I would need to add a new class (somewhere) which can then be used in my


It should be possible to declare your own section like this one.

class RulespecGroupIntegrateMyCompany(RulespecGroup):
    def name(self):
        return "company_checks"

    def title(self):
        return _("Company services")

    def help(self):
        return _("This services are provided by so called company checks. ")

For sub groups the definition looks a little bit different but it should also be possible.

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Hi Andreas,

I’ve (finally) found some time to try this :slight_smile: but failed.

First issue is that I have no idea to which file I have to add this new class… for a test I’ve added it to my plugin configuration script in~/local/share/check_mk/web/plugins/wato/. But this doesn’t help, the result was that the check configuration disappeared :frowning:

So, what I now assume is that this list:
is somewhere statically defined and (currently) cannot be extended.

Anyone from the CheckMk team here who can confirm this? :thinking: