Custom commands

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So when it comes to hosts, theres that little pane that can be opened to reschedule checks, check paramaters etc…

I was wondering if anyone had come across custom commands for the little pane.

Essentially we’re monitoring some ILOs and dracs via SNMP and I’d love to be able to launch a console window using check_mk.

Any thoughts/ideas appreciated

That’s called “Custom Icons & Actions”.
The URLs are configured in the global settings and assigned via rulesets.

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But keep in mind that modern browsers forbid to open external applications from inside a web-page for security reasons.


I recently did a video about Netdata integration, but it does cover how you add icons and actions for both host status gui icons as well as host and/or service menu items.


definately worth a watch, and thank you to all the amazing replies, given me a lot to think about

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