Custom developed monitor on check_mk : duplicate perfdata after removing one parameter

Hello team ,

I am facing an issue in check_mk for my custom developed monitor .
Description :
My monitor , as a single service in has 3 parameters/metrics A, B, C , D , that I’ve developed last year and used in production .

Today , as per demand , the parameter B is not longer needed , so we decided to remove it and push the monitor in the hosts .

Issues :
When going to /omd/sites/[my site]/var/pnp4nagios/perfdata/[host]

I can see 2 rrd files :
A,a , C,c , D, d

So in wato when looking at the graph :

We have duplicate graph for a metric : The one is for last year and till I deploy the new monitor with one metrics removed

So anyone can tell me , you you’ve faced the same issues ? and how to resolve ?

As I am planning to use influx db with grafana , as the metrics history is very important for us

Kr ,


Hi @ano,

my wild guess would be since you deployed it again somehow it started to save the rrd with new names.
you can try to join them, I’m not sure how joining rrd works but it has several command line options, give it a look.