"Custom Graph" on the dashboard has no custom timeranges


we are using custom graphs on the dashboard. The “Timerange” option sadly is not configurable. Even if I add a custom timerange in the global configuration I can’t chose it in the custom graph option. So, the default options are 4h and 25h (and some more wider ranges) but for a normal
working day something about 8-12h would be really nice. If I use the 25h all things get really tiny.

It would be nice if I can just use my custom timeranges configured in the global configuration.

Josef :slight_smile:

if you use custom graphs in dashboard, you need to notice that is a copy of the real one. Ich you change the timeranges in global settings, you need to add the custom graphs again.
Please try this.

Regards, Christian

That doesn’t affect the timerang option in the settings of the dashlet :frowning:


Well known - just not there…
We asked for it about two years ago as not every graph in a Dashboard needs to have the same Timerange - just makes no sence for many daily business views