DB2 linux plugin used depreceted view for data source since DB2 10.5

The background of this ticket was an automatic ticket from DB2 machine. Where the
SYSCATSPACE has automatically grow (expected behaviour) by DB2, but the max size of
the tablespace was not update in CheckMK (CRIT - 519.07 MB of 1 kB used, only -519.07
MB left (warn/crit at -1 MB/-1 MB)(!!), State: NORMAL, Type: SMS`).

This generated a message (as expected) but the original of the small 1kB
“TBSP_TOTAL_SIZE_KB” was unexpected. So we started digging in to the code.
The code showed that “sysibmadm.tbsp_utilization” is used for this information. This
view is deprecated since DB2 version 10.5 (source
The view that should be used is “MON_TBSP_UTILIZATION” (source

Maybe that the code should reflect this, for the quality of the source data.
For testing we used CheckMK Enterprise 1.6.0p5 and with DB2.linux plugin.

Thank you.