Default settings configuration not working anymore after update from 2.0.0p16 raw to 2.1.0p11 raw

CMK version: 2.1.0p11 raw
OS version: RHEL 8.5

Hi all,

in our installation of CMK 2.0.0p16 we placed file with adapted default configurations in path
Here we configured e.g. UI theme, UI language, sidebar layout.
This worked fine but after update from 2.0.0p16 raw to 2.1.0p11 raw all the settings from the are now ignored.
How to get back our default settings with CMK 2.1.0?

Best regards

The “” file is now inside “~/lib/check_mk/gui/plugins/config/”
With 2.1 you can try to copy this to the respective local folder “~/local/lib/check_mk/gui/plugins/config/”

Hello Andreas,
many thanks, that is working.
Is it possible to configure the sidebar position (to left side) in the file? Haven’t found an entry for this in file.

Hallo Dieter,

wenn du in der noch das Attribut “ui_sidebar_position” ergänzt sollte es auch möglich sein dieses dort zu konfigurieren.


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