Delay Service Notifications

I seem to be missing something with the Delay Service Notifications in Checkmk. I have a service that I have added a delay service notifications rule for. I can see in the generated nagios/conf.d/check_mk_objects.cfg file that first_notification_delay is getting properly populated, but the notification is still being sent as soon as the state of the service changes:


I should be able to obtain the same results by setting a number of checks and a retry check interval, but that isn’t where my mind goes when I want to delay the first notification.

Is this possibly because the derived (not sure that’s the right term for it) checks from the check_mk_agent are all passive checks?

It is not that it is passive.

The issue is if the first_notification_delay is less than the Check Interval, it will have no effect. So for first_notification_delay to have an effect, it must be larger than the Check Interval.