DHCP Pools Plugin

Hello everyone

I have my first problem with our freshly installed check_mk instance. After installing the isc_dhcpd.py plugin on our ISC DHCP server (Debian) everything worked fine so far. A service has been discovered for each of the Pools configured on the server. I configured a Rule to specify the notification thresholds for the leases and even this seems to work properly.

But the service is always on warning. When I understand everything right, it is because of having 2 DHCP Daemons running on the Host:

I dont get it how to work it out, that two deamons are accepted. It isn`t even documentet as a Service parameter. Has someone an idea?

For the sake of completeness: It is intended to have two deamons running - because of having an IPv4 and an IPv6 DHCP running on the same system.

Thanks and best Regards,