Directory for self written plugins

Hello all,

where is the correct directory to save self written plugins and make them available in the GUI ( WATO->Monitoring Agents-> Agent Files for example?)



I believe it is /omd/sites/SITENAME/local/share/check_mk/agents/custom

I added a script to the custom directory, but it did not appear on the webpage.
Also the directory was not there, I had to create it.

Is this a feature of the 1.6.0? Currently we are on 1.5.0…

Looks like it has been around since 1.2.x so it should be there in 1.5.0.

Here is the Werk from when this was introduced.

Have you created the additional folders inside the custom folder for each local check you wish to push out with the Windows agent?

The full path would be something like:


Replacing ScriptName with something unique and CustomScript.vbs with your script name and type.

Also, note that if you are using a local check or a plugins check the directory above would differ depending on which folder you need the customscript to land in.

We don’t want to deploy the scripts by the agent bakery, the scripts should be downloadable in the GUI. I checked the source code of this WATO page, it seems that only files in the agents_dir path will be shown in the GUI, not the files that are in local_agents_dir.

I think to get this feature, I have to customize this file.

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