Disabled Windows Network Interfaces still discovered by Agent

Hi all,

we have several Windows hosts were the Check_MK Discovery discovers disabled network cards. If I enable these network interfaces they are removed from the discovery - if I disable them, they are discovered again. But we have also identically configured Windows hosts were these disabled network interfaces are not discovered (same setup). We are already using the windows_if.ps1 plugin on all of these hosts. The discovered / used network cards are all the same: “Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet”…

Any advice is appreciated.

Version 1.6.0p11 RAW, Agent 1.6.0p11


maybe a problem with tags or rules?

Hi, thanks - unfortunately, it’s not a problem with tags or rules, nothing is applied on these hosts that affects the interfaces and their names…

The strange thing is, when I reactivate the interfaces on the hosts (network interfaces are in state “disconnected/network cables unplugged”) the unnecessary interfaces disappear on Checkmk.