Display Auxiliary tags in Views

Hi all,
I’m ussing enterprise standard edition and I’m looking for a way to display Auxiliary tag values in view. for example View with hostname, some Host tags and also Auxiliary tags.
Is that even possible.

Thanks, realy appreciate your suggestions

I think aux tags aren’t present in livestatus (backend) so they can’t be shown in the front.
Best workaround would be to attach a hostgroup or host-label to the aux tag using a rule I think.

@gstolz thanks for the idea, not 100% what I’m looking for because I’d like to have only one value in view, not all groups or labels at once. But nevertheless a really interesting approach that I hadn’t seen myself.

I also checked and AUX tags are in livestatus → lq “GET hosts\nColumns: name tag_names tag_values” returns also AUX names and values. Perhaps I’ll create custom service to display the value of specific AUX tag and work on that.