Distributed Bakery/Register/Adding Hosts

Hello everyone,

awaiting the new Checkmk Version 1.7 with distributed bakery, I’m currently designing the possibilities, to register a host in a distributed setup, which has no (direct) access to the master (only to/via slave).
As of Werk #10428 I understand that it is still not possible to do this on the slave, right?
Does anyone have a solution for this already designed?
I am thinking about a http-proxy on the slavehost to talk to the master for registration, or am I missing something.

Also, as I would like to automate the process, registration and adding a host should be, somehow, in “one step”. I can’t add a host via the slave in a distributed configuration, can I?

Best Regards

We did what you think about. We ran a netcat port forwarding on our satellite systems. This brings some more work to you, because we had a different hostname and port for these special systems and the bakery delivers the configured one. So we had a local check to check and change this host in the agent-updater configuration. Maybe there is a configuration for this “server” but the last time I used it there was none.
So if you have this port forwarding in place you can do your one-step add and register process.