Docker container checks are gone


i have a docker container running and since some weeks it seems that the docker container was updated and i do not have any monitors anymore.
I am just using it for some private stuff, but is it possible to recover the monitors?
The image should be there, but all *.mk files had none of my monitors available…

Somebody who has an idea / tip for me?


Do you followed the handbook and used a volume to persist your data? How was the container updated and which version do you use?

To be honest i am not sure how it was updated. I guess it was updated by portainer. Now i am on version 1.5.0.p24.
I have two older images that are marked as unused.

What about using a volume for persistent data?
But wait… .if only the image was updated, please check the link
You need to “update” your site inside the container. The doing is descriped there. I hope it helps you. If not you could try to start your container with an old image.

Thanks, but it seems that i am to stupid…
Strange thing is that the config of the container is showing:

        "Labels": {
            "maintainer": "",
            "org.opencontainers.image.description": "Check_MK is a leading tool for Infrastructure & Application Monitoring",
            "org.opencontainers.image.source": "",
            "org.opencontainers.image.title": "Check_MK",
            "org.opencontainers.image.url": "",
            "org.opencontainers.image.vendor": "Mathias Kettner GmbH",
            "org.opencontainers.image.version": "1.5.0p18"

So Version 1.5.0p18. That could be the former version, but after login it definitvely shows p24. And there is no volume attached.
Maybe i am faster with creating the monitors from scratch, but would like to understand why the monitors are gone.
Tried a lot of unused volumes in a new container but also without any luck.

I am using docker on a synology and have installed portainer for a while. I know i have modified something in the network area of the conainer and needed to replace it. So maybe within this process a new image was pulled, but then i should be able to use the old one…


Hi @Ede,
this is a complex problem. So I first think you lost your data because you have no volume to persist your data. Every container has his data only as long as it is running, imaging this as a sort of tmpfs. If you now use your old image this will be also empty because your container was “destroyed” during the update and that is the point when you loose your data.
So I would recommend you to first create a persistent volume for your data, follow this guide to bring the volume to the right point inside the container. For any further updates you have to follow my last link about the update procedure.
To be sure about your data you could open a shell inside the container and check /omd/sites/YOURSITE and try this with the older images. If you have some files there with your current container, than you “only” need the update procedure for CheckMK.
I hope you understand my thoughts.

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