Docker Container Host only receives SSH Status

CMK version: 2.0.0
OS version: Debian 11 Bullseye


I tried to monitor my docker container as single host after following steps:

  1. Add a host with the container short id
  2. Host config: No IP, no Agent, no Api like in the doc Monitoring Docker (
  3. Then i moved the host in a subfolder for containers
  4. For this host folder i applied following rule: Host Check Command: Use the status of the service → Docker container status
  5. Saved. Sadly only a green OK for SSH connection is displayed now, no memory usage or whatsoever. What am i doing wrong? WHat do i have to do to get the docker container monitored like a regular host like its described as in the doc?

The error (CRIT) in the containers host on the monitoring:

[piggyback] Valid sources:, Got no information from host, execution time 0.0 sec