Docker update failed: cmk uses version 1.5.0p24.cre which is not installed


i have my checkmk docker container on 1.5.0p24 which is running fine.
Now i wanted to load the new image, trying to start with the same config (my cmk folder is stored on my NAS vian mounting /volume1/docker/checkmk to /omd/sites) and i am getting the message:


Site cmk uses version 1.5.0p24.cre which is not installed.
Please reinstall that version and retry this command.

If i am starting the new image without the folder mapping everything is fine.

Any hint?

To what version do you changed the container?
If the installed CMK detects a new version it should do an automatic upgrade of your installation.
Only if this fails it is possible that you get such an output.

If i am not attaching my files it seems like 1.5.0p25

1.5? It is possible that the automatic upgrade was not included completely with 1.5.
I have only some 1.6 containers running at the moment and there it is no problem to upgrade the container versions.

Yes, latest docker image is 1.5.0p25 as far i can see on dockerhub.
So you mean i should try to get an 1.6.0 docker image manually?

I don’t think so -->
There is 1.6 and also 2.0 beta

Thanks, disn‘t see that, but it worked.

Thanks and happy new year!