is confusing

section 3.2

for sector, _used, _slots in section:

somehow lost its underscores when we arrive at the example recap in 3.3. Why is never explained.
That same recap in 3.3. suddenly contains

import pprint

which is also never explained or mentioned before.

also section 2.6

   service_name="USB stick",

nice and tidy; no spaces left or right of the “=”. All other sections repeating this part suddenly use spaces?!? 2.11 does, 3.2 does 3.3 does. Make up your mind.

For an project that knows very well how to tell others to write, their own code and examples are very questionable.

Everyone makes mistakes. So do we, as already stated in our GitHub README :slight_smile:
This sounds like a perfect opportunity for a pull request.

Well, putting spaces around ‘=’ or not is a matter of personal taste – either will work. The same goes for variable names, but it is convention to put leading underscores to them, if they are not used by subsequent code. The explanation of the pprint got lost and can be found in chapter 13 (Ctrl-F), which is of course to late.
These are all valid points. We should make up our mind and explain it, respectively.
Judging by your choice of words, I assume this annoyed you very much – I am sorry about that.