Dokuwiki users list

I need to list our users and dont want to do that manually, is there a function or plugin to use? It looks promising after browsing a bit to use bureaucracy, struct etc to make good but light structure for data about apps/services and servers. Another thought is that we use the virtual appliance, which I understand must be solid and somewhat controlled, but doest that suggest we should consider pointing to a separate install of dokuwiki? I believe dokuwiki coupled with checkmk is good as it then will sync when having a cluster?
I dont find too much info about dokuwiki integration with checkmk, is there some I havent found? Maybe a category or some tags here in the forum could be useful.

Well, maybe everybody has all their docs all in a row? Any experiences?

The only real integration from dokuwiki to CMK is the authentication plugin.
This plugin checks if there is a valid auth cookie and if the user included in a auth file created by CMK.
It maps also CMK roles to groups in dokuwiki.

All the other parts are normal dokuwiki.