Double entry "DATASOURCE PROGRAMS" in 1.6p12CEE on Ubuntu 18.04

Hello there
i just noticed that i have the “DATASOURCE PROGRAMS” doubled in my setup.
Entry count is the same.
Browsers: Chrome, FF

BR Thomas

That means in your system inside the “~/local/share/check_mk/web/plugins/wato” is some extension with a definition for WATO options. This also happens on some of my systems with old WATO extensions.

What Andreas wrote is, of course, 100 % correct. Could you perhaps let me know, if you are using (or perhaps you were just testing) the prometheus plugin? Please check if you have a file called in the folder mentioned by Andreas.

Ahhhh yes…
i totally forgot… I installed the Prometheus plugin before upgrading to 1.6p12
Can i remove it securely via webinterface or should i remove the mentioned file which is present in this folder?
Thank you for the quick replies :slight_smile:


It would be enough to uninstall and remove it (trash can icon), given that you are not actually using it. But: I you have dissolved the package via the lego-brick-icon before, you will have to delete the file either via the clicking on the ‘unpackaged files’ in the extension manager or by going there and deleting the files via shell.

Thank you, problem solved :slight_smile: