(Doubt) CMK enterprise edition

Hi everybody,

I have a doubt related to CMK enterprise edition.

It is possible to monitor networks that are not intercomunicated with my CMK instance?

Currently I have installed the RAW version and it’s not psossible, but I want to know if with enterprise edition can be done.

Cesar Valdez


what are networks that are not intercomunicated with your CMK instance?

You can only monitor something that is reachable via TCP/IP.

checkmk is so flexible that it does allow handling of “push” style results. It’s not the default, but it’s there and can be quite handy. Who knows, it might be the better way even.

In a push style the agent results just need to find it way to “something” that can be reached by the checkmk server.

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you can send results via mail and import these into the cmk-system.
If you are able to transfer information sto a system or filesystem cmk can reach everything is possible.

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