Download a pdf file in service monitoring

Hi everyone,

  • i got a custom service in my monitoring
  • i have a script on my checkmk server which can generate a pdf file with further details about that service

Now i want to manage, that this pdf file can be downloaded, by a click on an icon or a button.
How can i achieve this somehow?

I read in another topic i have to do a setup for e.g. an icon in Global settings->Custom icons and actions.
But i got stuck at the UR-field, dont know how to handle this.

Has anyone some advice?

best regards,

what Edition you use? In CEE it’s easy. You can use the Sidebar Snapin Reporting to handle generation and downloading of reports.
In RAW you can try to use bookmarks related to the Button to download it.
I hope it’s helps.

Cheers, Christian

@christianm I think it’s not about some normal Checkmk report but a custom script that already generates some service-specific information and returns this in PDF format. And this script should be linked to the normal service page.

@yannicknoah I’m afraid, the only “action” that can be used is just a URL that your users can then follow by clicking on the icon. So you would somehow have to make your custom script available as an URL on a web server (by cgi or similar mechanism), probably best on the Checkmk server itself.

Once you have that, you can

  • create the action (name, description, icon, target URL) in global settings. Turn on the online help (book icon in the upper right corner) to see which variables can be used there instead of only a static URL.
  • create a rule in “Custom icons or actions for hosts in status GUI” (or the same for “services” instead of “hosts”) that assigns this “URL action” to some host(s) or service(s).

Ah i use checkmk V1.7
Well, to be honest i dont think i can make this pdf file available as an url.
I forgot to mention that my custom service is defined via integrate nagios pluginand gets the status from my greenbone-server and so the further information i want to retrieve with my pdf script is through the greenbone-server as well

use a small web server with authentication to host the pdf and then create the icon.
I’ve done that to start remotely processes on my linux box, I have an icon, and behind that a flask API, when I execute a GET to a path it runs “systemctl start something”.
In your case is even simpler, create a small script on the host where the pdf is generated and once you find it copy it to CMK server and use the embedded web server to host the file and thus making it available behind an url.


Thanks for the answer. i am about to try this. But i came to another idea. I also can get further details in textform.
So i was thinking if its possible, when you click on the service, the text-report can show up in another row?

For example there will be an additional row with 2 cells. report and details in textform?

Is this possible somehow?

If this is not possible ill try set up a new webserver and follow the instructions tavanez described to me

Yes, you need to provide the data as “Long output of check plugin”.
This is a normal behavior for classic Nagios checks and if your Greenbone script is a classic Nagios check it should also output the data in the needed form.
It is also possible to have in this multi line output HTML formatted data and display something like a table.