Dynamic monitoring of switch interfaces by description

I have configured checkmk in newest version. I already added windows hosts and now want to monitor cisco switches.
I would like to configure CM to monitor all interfacess which have in Summary (in checkmk) description other than [GigabitEthernet***]
Loking on picture below, only interfaces 009 - 032 should be monitored.
Could you help me with that ?

Look here:
Netzwerk-Monitoring mit Checkmk: 3 rules to rule them all | Checkmk

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@cg1603 I was about to suggest exactly the same thing :smiley: Classic!

And by the way: @michal welcome to the Checkmk community!


thank you so much for replies. I configured tags but I still dont see description of interface as a service name.
What can I do more ?

Is what you’re looking for?

I have configured the same like on your pic.