Easier service speed parameter change for network interfaces


  1. You got a switch with 10Gbps ports.
  2. For some reason however, you are limited to using 1Gbps modules for one or more of those links.
  3. A full discovery will take note of those 1Gbps modules. Now, all is ok.
  4. You come later with 10Gbps modules replacing the previous 1Gbps ones.
  5. Service alert triggered, partial alert text: “Speed: 10 GBit/s (expected: 1 GBit/s)WARN”
  6. You are happy for having better speed, but sad because the alert was triggered.
  7. You have to remove the service from monitoring for each changed port, then do a full rescan, then add the newly rediscovered services that now have a 10Gbps speed parameter.

Possible new scenario:
5. check_mk discovers a greater NIC speed is negotiated, displays a one click prompt for service parameter reconfiguration for speed from 1Gbps to 10Gbps.
6. You click that, apply the change(s), get a fresh cup of tea and enjoy having to press less buttons.

Ideas? Too easy, too hard? Is perhaps something like this already in place?

You have my vote!

I’ve just encountered this problem with some upgraded devices connected to a switch, and unfortunately step7 doesn’t seem to be working. I think an option to re-scan a particular service and approve the changes would be great.

There is already a 1 click solution available if you have only the changed ports to rediscover.
And there are no vanished services on this device you want to keep.

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