Email to Event-Console

Hi Together,

is there a way to generate an event from an email using the event console?

Greets Bernd

have you tried “Check Email” for this?


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Hello Karl,

that’s not what I mean but I receive an email from a third party system and want to trigger an alert according to a pattern.

I had thought of the EC only in the direction I have not yet gained experience.

Greets Bernd

This is exactly what @kdeutsch suggested.

Hi guys,

sorry I was probably a little off track yesterday …
of course you can handle it with it … that I have not thought of it myself just annoys me something … ;(

Thanks again for the kick in the right direction !!!

On this occasion all the best still belatedly @r.sander

lG Bernd

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Just one Question @r.sander @kdeutsch

is it also possible to check O365 mails via MAPI or EWS ??

Greets Bernd

If you have a command line client for MAPI or EWS that runs on Linux, why not?

Hi Robert,
can you recommend one ???
lG Bernd

No, I try really hard to avoid Office365.

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