Embedding a Checkmk-View overwrites the username

Hello all,

I’m trying to embed a view into an iframe using a normal cmk user, e.g. “my_readonly_user”.
When following the guide here at point 9 it basically works, the iframe gets fetched as user “my_readonly_user”:

Benutzer, Zuständigkeiten, Berechtigungen - Autorisierungs- und Benutzerkonfigurationautomatische_anmeldung%C3%BCber_die_url

Unfortunately if the user had another open browser-window with her own user-login this will be
overwritten by the iframe and she will now continue to browse cmk as user “my_readonly_user” :roll_eyes:

Any idea how to avoid this?

The problem is that the user credentials submitted with the URL create a normal user cookie inside this browser session. As every browser session can only have one user cookie the new one overwrites the older one.

Such a login with user credentials inside the URL is made for automated displays but should not be used beside a normal user working with the system.

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Yes, I was afraid of this :confused:
So no other way to HTML-embed a CMK-view in another webpage?

I think an automation user should not create a cookie but I’m not sure.