Enhancement: Rename "Sticky" while using "Acknowledge problems"

Anytime a new user acknowledges a problem, they need to google / check the documentation for the meaning of the “sticky” checkbox:

It would be nice if it would be more self-explaining:


Please add your feature request here: https://features.checkmk.com/

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I think this is more a “enhancement” than a “feature”. Should I really post a “true” feature request for this?

I would give it a try. Or contact support if you have a subscription and ask.

@thohenstatt that sounds like a reasonable UX request, would you still recommend a feature request for that?

Fun thing: On Monday, I ran into the same issue! So I am really glad, that I am not the only one who was confused by the wording.

IMO you don’t need to create a feature request, because I already created an internal ticket :slight_smile: Can’t promise that it will be ready for 2.2, but it will be improved!
Thanks for the feedback & suggestion @mgutt :slight_smile: