Error during applying changes | 1.6.0p17 | exit code 1

Hi everyone.
I am writing this post because I am looking for solution for my issue. A couple days ago I was getting error when I was trying apply my changes in checkmk.
Everything is working ok but I have got some problem with one device. When I try hide this device using this option:

and apply changes I am getting result:

State: Failed. Started at: 20:11:45. Finished at: 20:11:49.
Failed: Error running automation call restart (exit code 1), error:

not all arguments converted during string formatting

The case is that I don’t want to delete this host because of history log, event etc.

I will be appreciate for your help.


If you delete the host, there will be no history lost. It is the same behavior as to set it to unmonitored.
But to your error message, I would do a “cmk --debug -vvR” on the command line to check for further output and more information.

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