Escalate Notification After 15 Minutes

Hi there,

We are currently trying to set it up where we get a normal notification sent to a distribution group right away when a host goes down and then after 15 minutes if it is still down, message a specific person.
I’ve got both notifications working independently, but I’m not sure how to make them work in tandem. If I put in a delay notification rule for the specifically tagged hosts, it would delay it for the distribution group, correct? Is there a way for me to delay it just for the one particular notification rule?

Thank you.

To get this to work with a “real” escalation take a look at the condition “Restrict to nth to mth notification” and to the rule “Periodic notifications during host problems”.
With the second one you can define that every x minutes a notification is sent if a problem is not acknowledged. The condition you can use to say first notifications goes to the distribution group and with another rule you can say the second notification after 15 minutes goes somewhere else.


Thank you for your reply! That is a really interesting solution I had not thought about. And works really well!
I did some testing and the solution I had found was setting up two notification rules for hosts with a critical tag. From there, I had the service notifications go to the distribution group and the host ones go to the escalation group. I then put a delay on the host notifications so that if it comes back up before that threshold, there is no escalation. Might give that a shot for the time being, but I’ll definitely keep that in mind!

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