Exception in discovery function of check type on one System but not on another

Hi @ All,

we are currently setting up a new CheckMK Server while the old one is still productive.
Now i installed a client on a Windows Server and put in a batch Script.
The new Server has no problem at all to get the check right, while i get this error :
" xception in discovery function of check type ‘local’: Invalid line in agent section <<>>: u "
on the old version.

Can anyone help me out ? I just started with CheckMK in my new Company.

Thank you,

The output of the “local” checks are slightly different between 1.6 and 2.0.
If you installed the 2.0 agent and try to fetch the data with a 1.6 CMK instance the error is “normal”.

Thanks for the reply. This was a thing on my mind all the time searching for the error. Now i am certain.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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