Exchange custom check


I installed package from CheckMK exchange to specifiy: this one:

I installed with “mkp install NAME”

I see it in list of installed packages:

But cannot find the check anywhere in administration. Do i have to do anything else so it will be in GUI administration? On official documentation is just how to install extension via cmd, but thats all.

Btw im using version: 1.6.0p14

If you do a discovery on your Fortigate do you see no service starting with “VPN IPSec Tunnel…”?
Inside WATO you will not find any settings as this mkp has no WATO extensions included.
That means there are no parameters configurable by WATO.

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Oh i did not know WATO configuration have to be programmed inside extension. Is there any guide how can i do that? Have little knowledge of python so would wanna try to improve that extension.

Btw its showing automaticaly in Fortigate now i did not know about WATO, thanks.