Exclude Windows Logs

We would like the CheckMK 2.0 agent to exclude all Windows log files.

The following has been added to C:\ProgramData\checkmk\agent\check_mk.user.yml and CheckMK service restarted.

- logwatch
- msexch
- openhardwaremonitor
- skype

After a few minutes, the Windows host log state turns a muted green and service becomes stale. Logs remain in their current state, either green, yellow or red. I can open the actions menu for a log, select ‘open log’ then ‘clear log’. However, the logs remain in their current state and never go away.

Now that the logs are no longer being monitored, how do I reset a log (from red or yellow to green) and how do I remove all of the log checks from being displayed for Services of a Host, for all Windows Servers?

You can only remove these stale checks with a simple rediscovery if these hosts.

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Thank you andreas-doehler, that was very easy but not so obvious.