Export check rules from system A to system B within the same site

Hello folks.
I’d like to know if it is possible to export a set of rules from a system to another within the same site.
NOTE I’ve already read of a thread where someone asked about exporting rules from site to a different site, and they were replied it’s not possibile. This is not my case!

I’ve built a Main system on a physical host and a Backup system (not site!) on a vm , both on the same site.
Now my intent is to move all my rules/checks from the physical (system A) to the virtual (system B).
Is there a way (or automatism) to export my rule list from A to B? If not, is it possibile to copy the content of my system A’s /checkmk/wato(?) folder and paste it on the corresponding directory in system B?

Someone suggested to create an identical image of my System A in my Vm and manually remove/set the eventual users/groups/permissions etc. The problem is that I’m doing this migration because i already built up this main/backup system, but my actual virtual host (SystemB) has some critical problem i’m not able to solve. Hence I need to build up a brand new System B from scratch, to avoid exporting the same issues in the new system.

Since they’re systems having hundreds of rules, I’d really like to avoid setting them manually AGAIN.

Any suggestion?

Thx in advance!

Psycho :male_detective:

You can copy the rules.mk files from $OMD_ROOT/etc/check_mk/conf.d/wato and see if that works.


Thank you. Will try asap !


you can also export the rules via webAPI in import to the other site.


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Thanks for the suggestion!